6M in funding of our vision project from the Norwegian Research Council

We are proud to announce that TAU Tech has been awarded 6 MNOK from the Norwegian Research Council as 1 of 11 projects in Norway.

The funding is aimed at projects that have great opportunities for green conversion, digitalization and streamlining of the marine industries and sustainable production of seafood.

For us, this means funding of our project “PresiSkjell” together with SINTEFand Scantrol Deep Vision AS, where we aim to digitize and optimize the scallop industry.

This is one step towards our goal of a Sustainable Seabed Harvesting industry.

Thank you for the trust Norges forskningsråd and Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

Bjørn Roppen, Karl Fredrik Sandvik, Bernt Skarbøvik Rogne, Øystein Tvedt, Jan Rogne og Sverre Olav Farstad